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Hola! I am one of the writing team managers of CabalArticles, a global web content writing group. We all publish in Spanish and English for international online audiences, and are at hand for blog post building for your web site. Down the page you may see my resume, and of course you'll be able to read other writing team managers and team members' CV's on this internet site. At the bottom of my resume, you will look at some instances of our written posts. For job enquiries, you should contact us using the contactform on this website and one of us will reply as soon as is possible.

Rose A. Smith
4485 Friendship Lane
Santa Clara, CA

Summary of Qualifications
Graduated With Honors from Brown University
10 years of freelance writing experience (in particular for Electronic audiences)
Superb competency in Latin and English
Dedicated, team-oriented worker with a knack for specifics

Work Experience
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Writing Team Manager
Responsible for setting up a worldwide team of copy writers to fit a demanding set of development goals.
- Set new records for efficiency, improving productivity by 20% globally
- Correctly managed consistent records of task distribution
- Addressed QC for world-wide creation across a considerable team of copy writers

Extra Skillsets

Proficient in Latin and English
Innovative skills using a full range of office software

Examples of Released Posts